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If you’re unable to see your primary care provider for any reason, our team of doctors is online and ready to help — free of charge.

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Join the online waiting room, no appointment, no app downloads necessary; and best of all, it’s covered by your provincial healthcare.

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Within minutes you’ll be connected with a doctor licensed to practice medicine in your region.

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With end-to-end SSL encryption, our platform provides the highest level of security compliance.

Everything you’d expect from a doctor's visit


Prescriptions written and refilled as required.

Lab Work

Get lab work ordered and the results sent to your family physician.


Referrals provided when a specialist visit is necessary.

Who can use PurposeMed?

PurposeMed for Patients is available for free to anyone in Alberta with a valid health care number. Our online clinic is available from 8am to 8pm.
Simply join the waiting room — no appointment necessary.

When should I use PurposeMed?

Online care can’t completely replace in-person visits, but it’s a great additional service — particularly for patients who would otherwise go without care.

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